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The Gifts & Operations of the Holy Spirit



Gifts, from the Greek word CHARISMA meaning “endowments of miraculous faculty.”


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Romans 12:6-8 Ephesians 4:11 1 Corinthians 12:1-14







Showing mercy (compassion)










Discerning various spirits

Speaking in tongues

Interpretation of tongues



Working of miracles



All nine gifts of the Holy Spirit are supernatural weapons for the Church.

All nine gifts of the Holy Spirit are as the Holy Spirit wills. (1 Cor. 12:11)


3 SAY SOMETHING - Vocal Gifts

3 DO SOMETHING - Power Gifts

3 RREVEAL SOMETHING - Revelation Gifts


Word of wisdom: Supernatural facts in the mind of God concerning people. Places, or events concerning the future.

 A message, concept, or bit of wisdom that God reveals supernaturally to the Spirit-filled believer. It may or may not be shared with others.


Word of knowledge: : Supernatural facts in the mind of God concerning people. Places, or events concerning the past or present.

A message, concept, or bit of knowledge that God reveals supernaturally. It may or may not be shared with others.


Tongues: A gift from God and the ability to speak another language not known by the believer speaking it. The Spiritual gift to speak another language not known by the believer speaking it. The Gift of Tongues are  a means of building up the body of Christ. Paul, in speaking of tongues as aiding the church. (1 Corinthians 14)

a. The Gift of Tongues is not the same thing as the Believer’s prayer language received when he is filled with the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:4)

b. The Gift of Tongues is one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and comes when there is a group of people in a church or prayer group setting that are waiting on  God to move by His Spirit.

c. Once a believer is filled with the Holy Spirit, he can pray in tongues at any time. This “prayer language” is to build up himself spiritually. (Jude 20)

d. This “prayer language” is the Spirit filled believer praying to God and is speaking mysteries or “divine secrets.” (1 Corinthians 14:2)


Interpretation of tongues: The God-given ability to make tongues a clear message to all who are present in a church or prayer group setting. The interpretation of the tongue causes the congregation  to edified,  exhorted and comforted.


Tongues & Interpretation gifts = the Gift of Prophecy


Prophecy: The God-given ability to receive a message from God in a known tongue. To edify, exhort and comfort the Body of Christ or a believer. To speak the Truth as moved by the Holy Spirit. Most prophesying statements do not contain predictions about the future.

Working of miracles:  A supernatural intervention into the natural course of things. The ability to perform supernatural acts by God the Holy Spirit.


Gifts of healing:  Gifts of healing because of the plurality of some anointed for blindness, other, the anointing for the deaf, for tumors, etc. The God-given ability to bring or release healing to a person in their body, emotions, or soul.


Ability to discern/distinguish between spirits: The God-given ability to know what is from God and what is not from Him. The Divine ability to see evil spirits, angels, Jesus,  or influence and bring God's power to those who are needing deliverance.  People with this ability are also known to be able to see shades of light or darkness over people beyond their natural eye,  tell truth from lie, as well as see God's power in people and places.


 The Gift of (Special) Faith:  This special faith gives the Spirit-filled believer a supernatural ability to raise the dead,  control the weather by  stopping tornadoes, hurricanes, making it rain, stripping shingles from limbs, pulling braces off of children and telling them to run, etc. Knowing what you hope for, having a conviction about things you cannot see, trusting God, believing God’s Word beyond your own faith.


If you wonder if you can raise someone from the dead, YOU CAN’T!

If you wonder if you are able to command a tornado back up into the clouds, YOU CAN’T!


“The Gift of Faith is a divine gift or enabling by the Spirit of God that causes what is spoken or desired by man, or spoken by God to ultimately come to pass. The human or divine miracle, utterance, certainty, cursing or benefit, creation or destruction, removal or change, will eventually come to pass when it has been spoken under the inspiration of special faith.”   - Kenneth Hagin


Smith Wigglesworth said that if you will take a step of ordinary faith, when you come to the end of that faith, very often this supernatural gift will take over. One more reason people don’t see the manifestation of special faith operating in their lives is that they don’t first use what faith they already have.


Under Wigglesworth ministry, at least three different people were raised from the dead. One instance was a man named Mr. Mitchell whom Wigglesworth personally knew. One day from coming home from an open-air meeting, Wigglesworth’s wife, Polly, was at Mr. Mitchell’s home. The day before when Wigglesworth had visited Mitchell, the sick man had been close to death.

As Wigglesworth hurried to Mitchell’s house, he heard screaming coming from the house. On the way into Mitchell’s room, he passed Mrs., Mitchell, who was crying, “He’s gone! He’s gone!”

Wigglesworth related his experience:

I just passed Mrs. Mitchell and went into the room, and immediately I saw that Mitchell had gone. I could not understand it, but I began to pray. My wife was always afraid that I would go too far, and she would lay hold of me and said, “Don’t, Dad! Don’t you see that he’s dead?”

But I continued praying. I got as far as I could with my own faith, and then God laid hold of me. Oh, it was such a laying hold that I could believe for anything. The faith of the Lord Jesus laid hold of me and a solid peace came into my heart. I shouted, “He lives! He lives! He lives!” And he is living today.”