The Lord is speaking

December 31, 2011


Psalm 32:8

Isaiah 50:4

Isaiah 50:4

The Message (MSG)

4-9The Master, God, has given me

a well-taught tongue,

So I know how to encourage tired people.

He wakes me up in the morning,

Wakes me up, opens my ears

to listen as one ready to take orders.

The Master, God, opened my ears,

The above Scripture is pictured as the time when Jesus was in the SILENT YEARS. (the 18 years of Jesus’ life that we don’t know much about. Jesus meditated every day on the Scriptures. If u go to bed at night worrying, u wont hear His voice in the morning. There is a leading that comes in the morning when we go to bed thinking on the Scriptures. “ I was not rebellious…”

Isaiah 50:4-9

The Master, God, opened my ears,

and I didn't go back to sleep,

didn't pull the covers back over my head.

I followed orders,

stood there and took it while they beat me,

held steady while they pulled out my beard,

Didn't dodge their insults,

faced them as they spit in my face.

And the Master, God, stays right there and helps me,

so I'm not disgraced.

Therefore I set my face like flint,

confident that I'll never regret this.

My champion is right here.

Let's take our stand together!

Who dares bring suit against me?

Let him try!

Look! the Master, God, is right here.

Who would dare call me guilty?

Look! My accusers are a clothes bin of threadbare

socks and shirts, fodder for moths!

Thinking of the times when Jesus was told by Our Heavenly Father in those silent years when Jesus was told about the time when they would whip Him, when they would pluck the hairs from His beard.

Psalm 32:8

The Message (MSG)

8 Let me give you some good advice;

I'm looking you in the eye

and giving it to you straight:

This is a time for obedience.

This is a time for increase.

This is a time for the secret place.

This is a time for change.