N.C.M.I. Training Center

"To Tell, To Teach, To Train. . ."

Curriculum Info

NCMI is a Continuation School of Ministry designed to equip the man or woman of God into a deeper understanding of the Word . This Bible School is FREE for anyone to attend. Your pace of study will depend upon your personal schedule.

NCMI classes are available with a variety of Bible subjects on video, or by researching the BIBLE TOPICS section of the website.

NCMI is a School of the Holy Spirit that is constantly adding new material for the students that are hungry to grow as Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Prophets, & Apostles in the Body of Christ. His School of Ministry is also for Elders, Deacons, and those who are called to the Ministry of Helps.

(NCMI is not a formal place of licensing or ordination at the time)

If you have any questions you may contact the NCMI headquarters at 918 495 0097

First Year Courses:


World Evangelism (The 10/40 Window)

Blood Covenant

New Creation Realities

The Christian Family

Man on Three Dimensions (Spirit, Soul, & Body)

Principles of Leadership & Serving

Dynamics of Faith l

Prophetic Future Events (the Rapture of the Church)

How to Study the Bible

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Growing Up Spiritually

Street Evangelism (soul winning)

Steps to Answered Prayer

Greek Word Studies l

Called, Appointed, and Anointed (Music Ministry)

Praise Life

Prosper & Be In Health (Renewing the Mind)


Second Year Courses:


Dynamics of Faith ll

The Art of Intercession (types of prayer)

Soul winning

Understanding Suffering

New Testament Survey

Old Testament Survey

Greek Word Studies ll

World Evangelism ll

The Ministry Gifts

Women In Ministry

The Book of Romans


Praise Life

Prophetic Future Events ll (Daniel & Revelation)

How to be led by the Spirit of God

The Ministry of Helps l

How to use Study Books & Concordances


Third Year Courses:


World Evangelism lll

Dynamics of Faith lll

Missions Crusades

Developing an Excellent Prayer Life

New Creation Realities ll

The Book of Acts

Church Government

Pastoral Epistles

Divorce & Remarriage

How to have an effective Prayer Life

Prophetic Future Events lll

Ministerial Ethics

The Ministry of Helps ll

How to Study Koine Greek

Major & Minor Prophets of the Bible