N.C.M.I. Training Center

"To Tell, To Teach, To Train. . ."

Attendance Policy


Attendance Policy:

As an NCMI Student of the Bible, it is imperative that each student attend the courses provided to receive the maximum benefit of the time and money that has been invested for learning.

Class Attendance Policy will be as follows:

No more than 4 days absent per semester. It is the responsibility of each student to sign the attendance roster provided at the beginning of the first class.

Classes will begin promptly at 7:15 pm. Each Class will be video taped for our Schools in other nations. Every NCMI Student is expected to be in a chair and ready to receive from the Instructor by 7:15 pm.

(Restroom breaks will be between each class, please refrain from restroom use during classes, except for emergency situations)

Tardiness Policy



             Tardiness for the NCMI Student is not expectable. Being late for class hinders the other students ability to  receive the maximum benefit of each class. 3 tardy situations will constitute as a day of absence.

Dress Code Policy


Dress Code:

NCMI Bible Students are asked to present himself/herself as an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ. Improper attire would be considered:



Ties and dresses are not a requirement. It is asked that you would dress as a professional . Jeans are expectable.

Age Requirement Policy


Age Requirements:

NCMI classes are taught in a lecture style. This classroom setting requires the utmost attention for each student. Children are not allowed in the NCMI classes due to the college level courses of instruction. No exceptions.

It is the policy of NCMI to allow “teenage” students on a trial basis, as long as they are able to conduct themselves as a student of learning.

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